About Me

I decorate reclaimed surfaces like driftwood, stones, bricks, old wood, shells, and leftover construction materials. I work with acrylic paint, marker & pen, gouache & watercolour paint, and sparkles.

I grew up in Northern Ontario among the Cree and Ojibwe First Nations and the Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites. My artistic style has been heavily influenced by the traditional Woodland style and by Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, as well as by growing up in an austere and beautiful wilderness.

As a nature lover and a spiritualist, I find inspiration in flowers, trees, plants, vistas, mandalas and faces. Art is my way of offering beauty to the world and responding to the increased busyness and anxiety of the modern age.

All my designs are original, customizable and repeatable. If one piece has sold, I will make another similar piece for you. Larger quantities of each design can be printed or handmade by order.

Please contact me for more information about how to buy or sell my folk art!